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All our packs come bundled with 10 Starter Channels. With Astro’s new-and-improved Flexi Pack, you’ll get the flexibility to choose the combination of channels that best suit your business and customers. To see our full channel lineup, check out our Flexi Pack.
Standard Pack
17 Channels

Standard Pack

Start entertaining your customers today. Free RM200 Go Shop voucher

Standard Sports Pack
24 Channels

Standard Sports Pack

Specially for businesses with a sports-focused audiences. Free RM450 Go Shop voucher

Premium Pack
32 Channels

Premium Pack

A fantastic balance of value and content variety. Free RM700 Go Shop voucher

Elite Pack
45 Channels

Elite Pack

Treat your customers with our widest selection of shows. Free RM1,500 Go Shop voucher

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Astro Business?

At Astro Business, we want to take care of your in-store entertainment so that you can focus on running your business.

Catering to a variety of businesses such as healthcare, hotels, bars & pubs, restaurants, cafes, lounges, offices, education institutions, service centres or even malls, our Astro Business offering allows you customise your subscription from a wide range of international & local original content to exclusive LIVE sporting events, all in FULL HD.

What is the New Flexi 2.0 Plan and why should I sign up this plan?

Flexi 2.0 Plan is an upgraded Flexi Plan. We have revamped the plan to offer you additional channels in your current packs, at no additional cost, all in full HD.

By signing up for this plan, we will be offering you:

  • Full HD – All the channels in your subscription will now be in high definition
  • Flexibility – Choose the plan according to your business needs, with the freedom to choose any of the channels that comes with the pack
  • *Free Go Shop Voucher

*Value of the voucher will be in accordance to the subscription pack

What are the differences between the New Flexi 2.0 versus the old Flexi Plan for Commercial Establishment?

Flexi 2.0 Plan is an upgraded Flexi Plan. We have revamped the plan to offer you additional channels in your current packs, at no additional cost, all in full HD.

To know more on the New Flexi 2.0 offering, click here

Is there any contract or upfront payment when I sign up for Flexi 2.0 plan?

Yes, this plan comes with 24-months contract and a one-month security deposit is required.

Can I change my plan or change my channel selection during my subscription contract period? Will I be charged?

While serving your 24-month contract, you can upgrade your subscription for free.

Please email us at CE_Helpdesk@astro.com.my or call us at 1300 82 0028 to upgrade.

Please note that during the contract period, you will not be able to downgrade your subscription.

I’m an existing Astro Business customer, do I still need to pay deposit if I switch to the New Flexi 2.0 plan?

Yes, you are required to pay one-monthsecurity deposit when you switch to this New Flexi 2.0 plan. However, if you have paid a security deposit with your existing subscriptions, this security deposit amount will then be adjusted/brought forward to this new plan accordingly.

How much penalty if I want to terminate my Flexi 2.0 Plan before the contract expires?

Calculation of the penalty charges is [(Remaining month of contract x Monthly subscription fees) + Go Shop Voucher amount (if you have utilized)]. The final penalty charges will be charged to your account.

When will I receive the Astro GO Shop voucher and how can I redeem it?

You will receive your Astro Go Shop voucher on the 7th month after you have subscribed to Flexi 2.0 plan. The e-voucher will be sent to your email or mobile number that you have provided during sign up.

You will need to ensure your Astro subscriptions is active and is not suspended in order to receive the Go Shop voucher.

 I’m already on Flexi Plan, do I get to enjoy the additional channel & Go Shop Voucher?

You will need switchover to the New Flexi 2.0 Plan to enjoy the additional HD channels and Go Shop voucher.

 I’m interested to sign up, what should I do?

There are few ways to get you started:

  1. Fill up our online form @ https://product.astro.com.my/business/contact-us, or
  2. Email us @ CE_Helpdesk@astro.com.my, or
  3. Call us @ 1300 82 0028

We’ll then assign a sales representative to help you with the sign-up process.

For existing customers, please contact your Account Manager to switch to New Flexi 2.0 Plan.