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Welcome to the Connected HD Box Trial Programme

This Programme is closed for sign-up. For those who’ve enrolled, share your experience with us

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A World of Adventure Lies in Your Pocket

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Welcome to The Ultimate Home Experience

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A World of Adventure Lies in Your Pocket

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Are You Eligible?

Join our Trial Programme if you fulfil all the criteria below:
Step 1
Current Astro TV Pack customer
Step 3
Not subscribed to IPTV/NJOI/Astro & Broadband
Step 3
Resides in Klang Valley area
Step 3
Is my box eligible?
Find out more*
Step 3
Currently have HD & recording services**
Step 3
High-speed broadband (Min. 10Mbps)
* For existing PVR users, all the recordings in your PVR Box will be lost once your box is swapped and cannot be transferred to the new box.
** For users with an existing subscription to Family Pack and above.
A World of Adventure Lies in Your Pocket

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the Trial Programme?

By participating in the Trial Programme, you will be one of the first to test out our latest software/hardware and get your voices heard. In addition, we will invite you to participate in our upcoming trials from time to time and you will get to enjoy special privileges depending on the trials that you are testing out.  

What will I receive as part of the Connected HD Box Trial?
  • Free installation of the new box, which will permanently replace your existing box
  • 6 months of installer workmanship warranty with no servicing fee
  • 1 year of warranty for the new box


  • Your existing box will be collected by the installer upon installation of the new box
  • The new box will be a permanent replacement of your existing box
  • If your existing box is a PVR, you will lose access to all the recordings stored in the PVR
How can I be eligible for Connected HD Box Trial?
Requirements for Connected HD Box Trial
  • Open to Astro Customers with primary/multiroom subscriptions
  • You must be an active regular customer
  • Your monthly Astro primary subscription is less than RM100 per month
  • Your existing set top box is a B.yond HD box or a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). (Customer with non-HD or Ultra Box are not eligible for this trial)
    Multiroom Subscription
  • Reside and able to install the New Box in Klang Valley areas;
  • IPTV, NJOI and Astro Broadband customers are not eligible for this Trial programme
A home broadband speed of more than 10 Mbps is recommended to continuously connect your new box to Wi-Fi
All Connected HD Box Trial testers must subscribe to Family Pack and above to take part in this Trial.
* HD services will be provided complimentary for a limited time
Will the new box be permanently replacing my existing box?

Yes, your existing Astro box will be permanently replaced by the new box. You may continue to use the new box after the Trial period at no additional cost to your existing subscription plan.

Please note that your previous contract period and associated penalties will be nullified, and you will forfeit all entitlements, including but not limited to bill rebates, discounts and channel free previews.

I have feedback or require technical assistance during the Trial Period, what should I do?

Please share your feedback or technical issue faced via the feedback form.

If you have selected the “technical assistance required” option on the feedback form, our dedicated agents will attend to your matter within 48-hours.