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With Netflix now on board, you can enjoy even more of what you love on your Ultra Box.

Now you can laugh, cry, be entertained at the push of a button

Now you can get Astro without satellite dish!

Meet the NEW Astro Plug & Play Box. No satellite installation needed. Just plug in, connect to the internet and you’re all set to start enjoying your favourite shows.

Interruption? Not anymore with Continuous Viewing

Bad weather? Satellite dish tilted by wind or animals? Don’t let it hold you back anymore. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can watch your favourite live shows uninterrupted.


Video On Demand

Stream up to 65,000 videos on demand

Cloud Recording

Store up to 200 hours of your favourite shows and movies


Enjoy a crystal-clear viewing experience with Ultra Box

Play From Start

Never miss a moment again

Live Pause

Pause during your favourite live shows anytime you want

App Hub

Explore and stream your apps on the Ultra Box
No more interruption

Extend your viewing experience to more devices with Astro GO

Bring your entertainment with you when you’re on the move! Pick up where you left off and enjoy a seamless viewing experience across all your devices. Download and enjoy Astro GO for FREE.

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Ultra Box

Ultra Box

Enjoy the best features the Ultra Box has to offer.

  • 4K UHD & Full HD Experience
  • Video On Demand
  • Cloud Recording
  • Requires 30Mbps broadband for 4K viewing
Ulti Box

Ulti Box

Enjoy High Definition content and more.

  • Full HD Experience
  • Video On Demand
  • Cloud Recording
  • Requires 10Mbps broadband for HD viewing
Get ready and sign up for Astro & Broadband to enjoy Ultra or Ulti Boxes

Get ready and sign up for Astro & Broadband to enjoy Ultra or Ulti Boxes

What every home needs right now is great entertainment plus fast fibre internet from 30Mbps. All-in-one from RM139.99 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultra Box?

The Ultra Box is Astro’s latest generation of 4K UHD enabled box with Cloud recording feature, redesigned new interface, and a dedicated UHD channel. Just connect the Ultra Box to the internet and take control of your entertainment and explore over 65,000 videos that are waiting to be streamed, anytime.

The new interface on Astro Ultra Box offers an enhanced viewing experience with a brand- new look and feel with features such as:

•        New Home Screen - Everything you see is yours

•        Discover VOD – Discover 65,000 videos, stream anytime, anywhere

•        Search - Search faster and easier

•        Play from Start - You missed the start? Just restart

•        Stop Here, Continue There - Stop on one screen and continue on another device

•        Multi-Screen – Stream seamlessly across any device

•        Cloud Recording - Record all the programmes you want at the same time

What is Ulti Box?

The Ulti Box is Astro’s latest generation of Internet connectivity & HD enabled box with multi-phased innovative services such as Cloud Recording, a fresh new interface with new features and a sleek remote control.

Am I eligible for the Ultra Box?

All existing or new Astro customers who meet the following criteria may upgrade to the Ultra Box: 
•        Have an internet connection at home (recommended >10Mbps speed)
•        Maintain a minimum subscription with a HD + Recording service

If you live in a high-rise building, please call us at 03-7481 8000 to check if your building can support the Ultra Box. If your high-rise building allows for the set-up of individual dishes you will be able to upgrade to the Ultra Box, subject to the criteria above.

We also recommend a 4K UHD supported TV that is HDCP2.2 compliant to access the Astro UHD channels.

Note: If you do not have an internet connection at home, you may take up the Ultra Box bundled with Astro & Broadband package with rebates up to RM39/month. You will enjoy free installation of Ultra Box when you sign up for Astro & Broadband bundle packages with Entertainment Pack and above. For more details and to sign up for Astro & Broadband, please click here.

Am I eligible for the Ulti Box?

You must subscribe to an Astro subscription (NJOI customers are not eligible) in order to get the Ulti Box. The eligibility criteria for the Ulti Box are as follows:

New Customers
All new Astro customers with a Primary Pack subscription will receive the Ulti Box with a choice of 24/12/0-month box commitment.

Existing Customers (Box Upgrade for Primary or Multiroom)
Existing customers that want to upgrade to the Ulti Box are required to upgrade to our new Astro packs and have an internet connection at home with a recommended internet speed of 10Mbps or higher in order to upgrade your existing box to Ulti Box.
•        Existing Ultra Box customers are not eligible for a swap to the Ulti Box.
•        If your existing box is a PVR, you will lose access to all the recordings stored in the PVR

Multiroom (New subscription)
Customers subscribing for an additional Multiroom subscription will receive the Ulti Box as part of the subscription. You will also required to upgrade to our new Astro packages to add a Multiroom.

How do I contact Astro for more information?

Call 03-7481 8000 or click the WhatsApp button below to start a conversation with us. You can also walk in to our Customer Service Centres and we will be more than happy to help you out.